SOS fall alert deviceMore than fifty residents are experiencing a new sense of independence now that they are wearing devices designed to intervene in case of a fall.

IVV worked with the NORC group at UHN to enrol eligible residents in the Toronto Grace Health Centre Fall Alert Pendant program. Each applicant was given a pendant (that can also be worn on the wrist).  The device can recognize a fall, and wearers can also activate a button to call for help. All alerts are directed to the 24/7 call centre located out of Toronto Grace Health Centre. Please note that the alerts do not directly go to emergency services (911). The team will assess your situation and respond accordingly. Cottagers and travelers have been pleased to note that the alert device functions anywhere in Canada and can send help to you wherever you are using GPS.

In case you missed the clinic you can add your name to a waiting list, as IVV may be able to set up another clinic opportunity. Alternately, you can ask your family doctor to apply for the service.

Here is the device manual for your reference.

And a how-to video.